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10 Simple Home Decor Ideas For Indian Homes

Colours play a vital role in Indian homes. Experiment with different colours and add vibrant accents to the walls. Here are some tips to redecorate your home on a budget. Remember to consider the functionality and budget when choosing colours. For instance, if your house is traditionally designed with a lot of reds and oranges, opt for a muted colour scheme.

Find the right colors for your Indian home. Indian homes often have a mix of colours and styles, and they don’t flow seamlessly from room to room. To create an ethnic Indian look, use pieces that are quintessentially Indian, such as brass planters, colourful cushions, and handcrafted toys from Channapatna. When sourcing home decor, make sure to include a lot of the country’s artifacts, which have a long history in the country.

A kolam design is one of the most common and traditional home decor ideas in India, especially in the south. The traditional decorative art is made using rice flour, chalk, and dye, and it is believed that the presence of kolam in the home brings prosperity and good luck. The kolam design is typically composed of columns of dots joined by curved loops. It can be used on a floormat or as a bedcover.

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