6 diseases to watch out for in summer

During the summer with high temperatures like this. May bring diseases that we did not expect with it. This article will invite friends to take care of yourself in the summer with 6 diseases that you should be careful of in the summer. Along with how to take care of yourself in the summer, the weather is high. What diseases should be and how to prepare to cope. Let’s go and see.

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1. Heatstroke

With the summer heat in Thailand, the sun is the same. Diseases to be aware of when entering the summer. It is a disease related to the weather, such as “heatstroke” (Heatstroke) caused by the body getting too much heat. Body temperature is higher than 40 degrees Celsius until the body is unable to cool down.

and has lost a lot of water from sweat Will cause lethargy, seizures or may cause some organ cells to malfunction. If that happens to meet someone with heatstroke. Should cool the body as soon as possible. such as using cold water to wipe the body, loosen clothing Lie down and lift your feet up. for the blood to circulate well

2. Food Poisoning

In addition to the matter of air Another thing to look out for in the summer. That is the matter of food, sis. As we all know in hot weather like this, food tends to spoil easily. Diseases that are common in summer caused by eating contaminated food or semi-cooked, semi-raw food, seafood

It is Food Poisoning. Food poisoning is characterized by fever, abdominal pain, aches and pains, nausea and vomiting. There may be diarrhea along with it. If symptoms occur, they should rest enough. Avoid beverages like milk. Alcohol, various caffeine and should eat soft foods until the value is gone.

3. Acute Diarrhea

Another disease that you should be careful of in the summer. It comes with food again, sis, that is, “Acute diarrhea. or acute diarrhea Caused by eating or drinking food that contains bacteria, viruses, protozoa, parasites, causing diarrhea. bloody diarrhea Most of them have mild symptoms and can go away on their own. You should drink plenty of water or mineral salts, sipping more and more until it disappears, in order to treat dehydration from bowel movements toonily.

4. Dysentery

Another summer disease caused by eating contaminated food is “dysentery”, a disease caused by a bacterial infection or amoeba. Contact from eating raw vegetables or drinking contaminated water. Symptoms of dysentery are fever. abdominal pain frequent defecation or defecation with mucus or bloody mucus coming out If symptoms are present, eat soft foods and sip lots of water or mineral salts to treat dehydration.

5. Rabies

For friends who love animals, you may need to be careful of “rabies” disease that often occurs in the summer. The disease is carried by mammals. Most often, the infection is found in dogs or cats. Can be contacted by being bitten being licked at the wound site

Or even the saliva of infected animals into the eyes, mouth, nose, can be contacted. The initial symptoms of the disease are similar to those of a sick person. There was a burning sensation and itching around the bite wound. and the symptoms will begin to become more severe and spread to the functioning of the brain. Will be anxious, restless, afraid of water if touched or bitten by an animal. Should clean your hands or clean the wound thoroughly for at least 15 minutes, then seek immediate medical attention for vaccination.

6. Hepatitis A

A type of hepatitis that can be transmitted through food. or contaminated drinking water or eating raw food half-cooked, half-cooked cause acute inflammation of the liver There is weakness and loss of appetite. nausea and vomiting Dark urine, yellow eyes, and this disease is a disease that should be very careful because it can be transmitted through person to person too. But hepatitis A is an acute virus. It is usually cured in people with good immunity and will not recur.

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