An Overview Of Toppers

If you currently have a bed without a mattress topper, you should consider obtaining one. You might be one of the many people that is not quite sure if it is right for you. After all, is it really worth all of the money that you will pay to have one? Will you really be more comfortable? Stearns & Foster customers share their reviews. In the following information, we will address the benefits of obtaining and using a mattress topper, along with many of the different types that are available.

Mattress topper benefits and disadvantages


You will almost certainly notice that your mattress will be significantly more firm – By choosing the right topper, you can also make it softer and more comfortable. If you decide to use a soft topper, these are ideal for people that sleep on their sides, whereas people that sleep on their stomach, or their back, might need additional support.

Your existing mattress will last longer – Although using a mattress topper can add to your overall comfort, it may not help your mattress last that much longer especially if it is older. It’s the ideal choice for individuals that do not want to replace their existing mattress.

Your bed will be higher – Most of these are designed to be a maximum of 4 inches in height, which is why you will be much higher in the air once they are in place.

They are easy to maintain – Most of these are removable and machine washable. This will include the fill that is part of the topper. You can also identify and clean spots that appear on your topper and easily remove them with standard detergent and water.

They are affordable – Finally, this is an affordable solution by comparison to investing in an entirely new mattress. You may not have the money to obtain a new mattress, but this will certainly be within your budget makeeover.


These might be uncomfortable – When you choose one, consider why you are getting it. You need to know if it will make your mattress more firm and softer once it is in place.

Do not use this as an alternative to replacing a mattress – If your mattress is years or decades old, and in a society, getting a new mattress would be the best choice to make. Regardless of how thick or well-designed a topper is, it will not help you if you have a sagging mattress.

Keep in mind that these will not prevent spills or stains from occurring – There are additional factors that you need to consider. However, if all that you need is a way of improving the firmness or softness of your mattress, and mattress pad will be ideal. It is also recommended that you simply get a mattress protector if your primary goal is to wait until later to replace your mattress.

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