Is a Graduate Degree in Fashion Design Worth It?

The field of fashion design is vast, with room for advancement and growth. Graduates of this field study the latest fashion trends and sketch designs. They also oversee the general production of clothes and accessories. Graduates of this field are likely to be rich and successful. However, it is important to keep in mind that post-graduate study is not for everyone. In general, the field is quite competitive, and the costs associated with it can be prohibitive.

Fashion schools have been hampered by the Covid-19 scandal, which has slowed their progress. The situation has also created uncomfortable questions about the value of such an expensive education. Currently, most fashion companies prefer applicants with a bachelor’s degree or higher. But this is not true a century ago, when there were no formal education requirements for fashion design. With a graduate degree, the job market has never been more competitive.

Having an accredited fashion school is an asset. A graduate degree from a reputable fashion school can make a designer more valuable in the industry. Without a degree from a reputable fashion school, designers can be taken less seriously than other candidates who do. In addition, it will give you your first real chance to establish your name in the fashion industry. It is important to research the institution you want to attend before applying. Ask questions about the internship opportunities available and the quality of the portfolio.

As a graduate, you can gain valuable industry experience. Often, employers recruit graduates by attending graduate shows at universities. Some major fashion companies run graduate trainee schemes. Many employers also recruit from niche agencies and the press. Having an internship in fashion design, while studying for a bachelor’s degree in fashion design, will further boost your employability and potential for advancement in the industry. However, you must be aware that fashion design can be a competitive industry.

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