Is Our Education System Destroying Our Students?

Is our education system destroying our students? The answer to this question depends on the way we view learning. Our educational system has been known to stifle creativity and non-linear thought, and is often characterized by strict restrictions. Most modern schools have become increasingly focused on testing students and evaluating their GPA, a useless and outdated measure of intelligence. In fact, the practice of standardized testing dates back as far as 2000 BC in China.

The current education system is based on an Industrial Revolution model, focusing on IQ, memorization, and standardization. It reinforces existing devaluations in society, and makes young people conform to them. This system is a form of oppression of the mind. It has been used for centuries to repress unique abilities. But what if we were to focus more on nurturing unique talents and developing social and emotional intelligence?

Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk on creativity emphasized that learning should be universal. It should foster abilities and produce the most valuable contributor in society. It should empower young people and guide their curious minds instead of providing a rigid framework that reinforces obedience. Is our educational system doing this to our students? You might be surprised. Is it possible to foster the skills necessary for social justice? Let us explore this question together.

The research shows that the left-wing propaganda machine funds Democratic politicians and state-run schools. The left-wing media also funds politicians who support these schools and their political allies. This means that public school students suffer in the process. Further, our education system is creating millions of civically illiterate children, and the education system is enabling and perpetuating these inequalities. It’s not just the students who suffer.


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