Is Your Samsung Mobile Made in China?

If you want to know if your Samsung mobile is made in China, it might help to know the country in which the components are produced. Whether Samsung is using contractors in China is a question worth asking. The answer will affect your purchase, but you can still do research to find out. Below are some important points to consider before you purchase any new Samsung mobile. We hope this article helps you to make a more informed decision.

The Galaxy A6s is the first Samsung smartphone that was made outside of China. It is manufactured by a third-party manufacturer. Its lower cost allows Samsung to increase its profit margins. The company expects to ship 60 million of these smartphones in the future. However, if Samsung makes its phones in China, it won’t use up all of its production capacity. As a result, the company’s products are not as affordable as their counterparts in other countries.

In 1999, Samsung Electronics established a production unit in Brazil. This unit currently employs 6000 workers. Most of its production in Brazil is used for sales in Latin America. The country’s import taxation policy makes it attractive for many companies, including Samsung. This gives Samsung the opportunity to sell their mobile phones at competitive prices in Brazil. But be sure to ask for details when you buy a Samsung mobile phone.

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