Mental Health Is Important For Students

Studies have shown that students with mental illness often perform poorly academically. They have trouble staying motivated, learning, and concentrating, making them less likely to perform at their highest levels. Fortunately, proper diagnosis and timely treatment can help students realize their full academic potential. Furthermore, educators spend up to 900 hours a year with students. This makes them more than just educators; they are trusted adults who serve as a safe haven for students who are hurting.

Unfortunately, a high percentage of college students struggle with mental health issues. In one survey of university presidents, 68% said that their students’ mental health was the most pressing problem. The American Psychological Association found that more than half of college and university presidents would hire additional staff for their counseling centers if they had the money. This suggests that campus counseling centers are a vital solution to the problem. But it is also important for students to maintain good physical and mental health.

In addition to providing care for students, mental health awareness and education are key in fighting stigmas. Education about mental health helps educators and students recognize when a student is struggling and seek care. Early identification is key in treating disorders and providing the appropriate support. Thankfully, conversations about mental health are becoming more open, and students don’t have to feel ashamed of seeking help. They can begin the process by calling Nystrom & Associates at 1-844-NYSTROM. They can also request appointments online.

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