Unique Habits Of Online Grocery Shoppers

We all behave differently while grocery shopping, based on our character and preferences. Observing closely, we will also see differences in how we purchase groceries online and offline. According to a recent survey, the habits of online grocery shoppers are different from that of offline grocery shoppers. In this article, we will look at some of the habits unique to online grocery shoppers, as mentioned in the above survey and how this understanding has helped online grocery stores like Quoodo offer better products and services to their customers.

Key Observations from the Survey

  • People who purchase groceries online spend comparatively mediaposts more money than those who purchase groceries offline. This group is less loyal and is seen to be financially struggling.
  • Omnichannel shoppers observed in the survey were found to spend more on groceries than in-store-only shoppers.
  • Respondents who purchase groceries online were 6% more prone to cut/ skip the meal size due to financial reasons than in-store grocery shoppers. The survey also indicated that the former experience difficulty meeting unexpected expenses than the latter. Many of the buyers have kids and pets.

According to the Dunnhumby Analysis, this is the reason for the above differences. This category of omnichannel buyers has a greater tendency to purchase more groceries. However, an important point to remember is that this type of spending pattern of this group of buyers can make managing household expenses quite tricky. This is because; children and pets are likely to have varying demands.

Given below are the other observations of this survey.

  • Currently, one out of five in-store only shoppers purchase groceries onlineand interact with the store via the app.
  • 70% of in-store and 72% of online grocery shoppers feel that retail grocery is priced lower than other items sold via retail shops. If forced to make trade-offs, e-commerce grocery shoppers attentively balance time savings and money savings. On the other hand, brick-and-mortar shoppers tend to choose stores based on the prices.
  • 45% of online shoppers purchase groceries via multiple channels.

Buy Groceries Online From Quoodo and Enjoy the Benefits of Online Grocery Shopping 

If you are looking for an online store in UAE, you can do online grocery shopping from Quoodo according to your budget. No matter your grocery shopping habits, you can purchase groceries online from our website or app as and when you require at the best rates without worrying about spending unnecessarily. You can prepare healthy meals and save enough money to prevent financial struggles.

Some of the grocery essentials that are currently available in our store include:

  • Rice & Rice Products:Basmati/ Biriyani Rice, Egyptian Rice, White Rice
  • Canned & Jarred Foods:Oils & Ghee, Canned Vegetables, Canned Sweets
  • Condiments:Salad Dressing, Syrup, Honey
  • Pulses & Cereals:Pop Corn, Beans, Cereals
  • Spices:Blended Masala, Spice Powder, Whole eblogz Spices

As one of the leading online supermarkets in the UAE, we keep ourselves updated with customer preferences and spending patterns. This has enabled us to offer our customers their most sought-after grocery items at the best rates. What makes us even more popular in the regions of UAE is the facility to pay for these premium quality products via your preferred mode. At Quoodo, we live by the theory the customer is the king. And we give special offers to our customers for their first purchase, weekend purchase, and many other purchases to ensure that all your needs are met by making your purchases economical. We have also made available a 24*7 chat facility and free express delivery services to help you purchase groceries when required

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