What is the Healthy Food Structure?

There are several things to consider when designing a new food product, especially in the area of healthy foods. While it is possible to create a food product that has no added sugar, no saturated fat, and minimal amount of calories, most products are lacking in taste, texture, and stability. The solution is to change the way food products are made, and to consider the food’s structure. Food structure design is a multidisciplinary approach to food development that involves the study of biomolecules and their role in the structuring of foods.

The global food and environment institute (GFEEI) invites its members to attend a webinar on October 2021 to explore how food structures affect the ability of bioactive substances to reach the body. These factors, such as food structure, affect how fast food is digested and absorbed. Through this webinar, participants will learn about ways to improve food structure by slowing the digestion process and reducing bioavailability.

The USDA’s Food Patterns identify the specific targets for each food group in terms of cup and ounce. The recommended amount of saturated and added fats is eight to 19 percent of total calories. However, Americans are encouraged to choose the most nutrient-dense foods and to avoid foods that contain large amounts of saturated fat. And added sugars and trans fats are restricted to less than 10 percent of total calories.

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