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What Should I Do First Home Wall Color Or Furniture?

Decorating a new home is exciting, but the first decision you need to make is: What should I do first? Should I update the wall color or buy new furniture? The answer depends on what’s important to you, your budget, and your time. Here are some tips to make this decision easier. First, get a fabric or paint sample. This will help you see what goes well together. It may also help you decide what type of paint to use.

Before you commit to a wall color, you need to test the color on a small patch of the wall. You can use a small piece of paint, about two feet squared, to make sure the color works on your walls. Next, take the swatch to a paint store to mix it half strength. This will allow you to see what the color will look like in different lighting. Also, if you are painting furniture, you need to move it first. You can also cover it with a tarp if the wall color doesn’t match the fabric or furniture.

Consider your existing home when choosing a wall color. If you already have furniture and other accents, try bringing them with you. It’s important not to use too much of a bold color on your walls, since this can clash with your existing decor. Try to select neutral shades or whites that complement the color of your existing furniture. This way, your new home will look beautiful. You’ll be able to add personal touches to your new space, while also ensuring it matches the rest of your home.

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